Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Morning Rise

Ok, so it turns out that I am the blogger that I warn about. Real life with live, red-blooded human interaction takes over and all this electronic stuff gets pushed to the side. Call me crazy, but I still like a handshake more than keystrokes.

Anyway, I am changing up the format on this blog. I can talk about deals in OC all day long. There are plenty. If you want those, you can get an updated list at This list shows lowest rate guarantees and customized, build your own packages, many offering free meals and things to do.

You want news and commentary... you can get all of that at

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Now, on to this blog. New format - something much easier for this knucklehead to manage. I live about a half mile from the sandy shoreline. My wife made me watch the movie "Marley and Me" this past weekend and I will never be the same again. First time I cried in a movie since Old Yeller.

So, I will run my dog, Willie, to the beach everyday and take a picture of the sunrise. I will throw my dog the ball (yes raquetballs do bounce on the sand) and just reflect on things. I will then run back to my house and post the pic and my thought of the day. I will even introduce you to Willie, the crazy hound. No pooping on the dog beach.

Oh, and I think I will call out sick on rainy days.

Let's see if I can handle this idea. Sunrises at 5:50 suck and my legs don't want to move very fast then but at least they move, right? Thank God for that.

Here goes. Morning Rise, Take 1...

Thought of the Day: God, I hope it rains tomorrow morning

Live Big,


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