Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Like The Good Ol' Days

Looks like summer officially started this Memorial Day weekeend, just like it always used to. It's been a while since we've seen this kind of vibe and energy in Ocean City on a Memorial Day weekend.

After the long cold winter that was full of bad news, it's time to shake it off and live a little.

Summer's here and don't delay -- Rooooad Triiip. Round 'em up and let's go. The winter may have been long, but one thing's for sure... the summer will fly by. Spend as much time on the beach as you can. Why not? We're close to home, and you know we are damn close to perfect.

Don't be a slacker; leave the excuses alone. Rooms are available at all price points and there's great value on things to do all over town.

Don't be left out. Everyone else is having fun - shouldn't you? If you say, "No" then we don't want you anyway.

And hey, don't be a knucklehead... on this Memorial Day, let's remember those that died for us. They died proud so that we could live free. Let's remember that we are the good guys; that our country, sovereignty and freedom is worth fighting for.

Live Big,


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