Sunday, August 28, 2011

Naked Pics of Irene

So, Irene came and Irene left. Good riddance. Irene, you are not welcome in OC anymore.

All that said, Ocean City fared extremely well. No major damage and Ocean City is back and open for business.

A mandatory evacuation was issued, but I stayed with my boy Willie. I figure if these knucklehead weather people can come into OC, then I can handle staying.

Here are some snapshots from the last day or so...

A site you may never see again... an empty parking lot at Seacrets in August

No turtle-heads here

Bull left the beach

So what, Irene? It's still football season.

No margarita; no irish ale

Tip for Ronald... tape doesn't work. Have fun cleaning the windows.

Hooters are floating

Amen to that

I guess God is not enough for this church

Friendly faces
Protecting the assets

Thank you, Irene. I sold lots of stuff this week.

Custom wood-working

Do it yourself woodwork with duct tape. Sanford & Lamont live here.

Irene not welcome

I eat Irenes

No gifts for you

From Seacrets... Irene, you found us; now, get lost

So, that's a day in the life of Irene. We should all thank God for His blessing and protection.

Now, we are back in business, so come to Ocean City MD for a week of sunny skies and 85 degrees.

A perfect Labor Day weekend is ahead. Let's celebrate.

Live BIG,




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