Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Child's Eyes...


So, I'm a new dad and that's my boy exploring the beach and ocean. He's more comfortable with sand than grass at this point so I don't think his football career is off to a good start.

Moments after the picture was taken, he got whacked by his first wave. I think it's pretty funny; mom runs over and puts him back in his bubble. No worries, after a few seconds of blistering crying he charges the water and takes it on... screeches of fear turn to screams of excitement.

All that got me thinking about the phrase "seeing things through a child's eyes."

Man, how cool would that be? We can try to do it but we've been poisoned; the damage is done and it's impossible to undo it. Maybe the only thing we can do is to sit back and watch a child go at it; watch them do their thing with no care about what others think, or what it means or what the ramifications are or if it is politically correct. No worries of breaking rules, or talking too loud, or farting in public, or stepping on toes. No concerns about the knuckleheads around you.

So, if you have children, bring them to Ocean City and watch them live. Watch them enjoy life like we're supposed to. And, whether you have kids or not, OC is the perfect place to let loose and find our own inner-child again. Ride a wave, build a sandcastle, walk the boardwalk and eat some ice cream, caramel popcorn, french fries and funnel cakes for dinner (without worrying about calories). Play some mini golf, go down a waterslide, raise your hands on a roller coaster, ride a go-kart or just lay back and soak it all in.

Let yourself go... to Ocean City, Maryland.

Live Big,


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