Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Redux

Ocean City's plow is getting a real workout these last two weeks. About 12" of the white stuff last weekend and another 6 or so inches this go round.

What a panic a little snowflake can cause. I kinda like it. I walked into WaWa today and there wasn't a person in there. Spooky.

I guess we can blame the blizzard and foot and a half of snow over the last two weeks on global warming, right?

I say the only poisonous gas is the hot air coming out of our politicians' mouths.

Afterall, politicians and weathermen... the only two professions where you can suck and still keep your job. We just expect them to be wrong anyway.

I say we declare a snowball fight on all of them and make 'em eat snow.

Live Big,


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Beach flooze said...

Where are your snow photos??????

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