Friday, July 3, 2009

Skyrockets in Flight...


Afternoon delight is whatever you want it to be in OC, so get away from it all and head to OC this 4th of July weekend.

Mother Nature has blessed us with perfect weather. Sunny and 80's all weekend. And, you know by now to never listen to your local weathermen when they talk about OC. It is always partly cloudy at the beach according to them. They're just trying to keep you at home, so don't be a knucklehead.

You're smarter than that, though. The sun is shining and it is hot in here, so let's take off all our clothes while we sip on some gin and juice because it's summer, summer, summer-time -- time to sit back and unwind. Ok, way off line here as I mix some old school rap tracks.

Let me tell you something else... the ocean is unbelievably comfortable this year. There have been years when the water is cold in late June and July. The gulfstream has delivered up some incredible sea temps which is perfect for some bodysurfing and splashing around.

The warm temps have been great for fishing as well. A 25 year state record for largest mako was shattered a couple weeks ago. Shark bites... mmm.

So come on down and play around. Kites are flying, American flags are waving, grills are fired up, libations are frosty and the beach is picture perfect.

Fireworks will be lighting the skies Saturday night which means my dog will be freaking out. Then the bottle rockets and firecrackers keep him spooked all night long. It's cool, though, because "Life's a Beach."

Live Big,


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