Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to the Big Meaty Beach Blog

Here's where you will get the low down on what's happening in OC and how to get here, stay here and play here without needing a government stimulus check.

Some people say it is expensive to come to the beach. Sure, it can be, if you like the 5 star hotels and fine dining restaurants, but that's true anywhere. Shoot, we have rooms in an oceanfront hotel on the boardwalk for just $69.95 per night this weekend. That is a low rate guarantee.

Check out the best hotel rates on the beach at and The "dash" means you are saving cash. There, you will also find the guaranteed best rates for this coming weekend.

And don't forget that green beer and cabbage is flowing the next few days. Sound like a lot of flatulence to me but I guess that's why we keep drinking up.

So open your mind and your eyes and Rediscover Ocean City.

We are close to home... and close to perfect.

Chat at you next time.


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